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Hudson Police Reports for Nov. 6

Published: November 6, 2016 12:00 AM
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Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies or the Hudson Police Department. It is not intended to be all inclusive.


Deceased woman's car appears in driveway: A Ravenna Road caller notified police Oct. 27 at 10:51 a.m. that a suspicious car was parked in a neighbor's driveway. Police ran the plate and found the car was registered to the deceased homeowner. No one was living at the home which was boarded up and secure, according to police.


Assisted living patients clash over TV: Police were called to a West Streetsboro Street assisted living facility Oct. 31 shortly before 11:30 p.m. after two residents, aged 35 and 45, became angry over what to watch on TV. According to police, one man hit another in the face with a cane. The man who was hit in the face with the cane went to the kitchen area to retrieve a "butter knife," according to police. The man with the butter knife "verbally challenged" the man who hit him. The nursing staff broke up the fight. The men, both in wheelchairs, were taken to separate parts of the facility for the night. There were no charges.

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Unknown person tries to steal woman's identity: A Hudson woman told police Oct. 27 someone tried to use her personal information to open seven online credit card accounts. The bank was notified and the woman lost no money. The bank is investigating.

Scammers unsuccessfully try to steal identity: A Hudson man told police Oct. 27 that he had been receiving telephone calls from a bank he does not have an account with pertaining to attempts at opening several fraudulent credit cards in his name. The man ignored the calls. However, when he received paperwork from the bank, he contacted Hudson Police. The cards were not issued. The bank is investigating.


Here's the beef: Brewster Drive resident told police Oct. 25 at 3:15 p.m. that two men were selling meat from a white pick-up truck without a solicitor's license. Police found the men and issued citations for solicitation without a license.

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Keys to a kingdom returned: An employee of the Hudson Fire Department dropped off a red bag containing a key fob and two pink-colored keys with the word "princess" written on them. The items were found in the Hudson Fire Department parking lot. Police placed the items in the safe. The owner retrieved the items later that day.


Freshly poured concrete damaged: A Hudson Aurora Road man visited the Hudson Police station Oct. 26 at 12:18 p.m. and reported that an unknown driver pulled a vehicle onto his freshly poured concrete driveway the night before. Damage was estimated at $3,800.


Man in double trouble for passing on double yellow: An Akron man was cited Oct. 26 shortly after 10 a.m. after passing a marked patrol car on a double yellow line on Norton Road. The officer's car was stopped to allow another driver to exit a fast food establishment's parking lot. The officer stopped the man and found he was driving under two suspensions. The man was cited, and a friend was called to retrieve his car.


Funk from skunk leads to unknown plunk: Police were called Oct. 26 shortly before 7:30 p.m. to East Streetsboro Street to investigate a strange noise. The homeowner told police she heard a "loud bang, the house shook and her dog was acting strange." When the officer arrived, "skunk spray permeated the entire area." According to the officer, the caller's dog had gotten into a fight with a skunk and had been sprayed in the face. The officer gave the caller tips on how to neutralize the skunk smell on her dog. The skunk was not cited.


Vandals make political statement: An Atterbury Boulevard man reported that on Oct. 29 around 7 a.m. he discovered that someone had smashed two pumpkins in his driveway and covered his Trump/Pence political sign with toilet paper.


Motorists help police stop driver: A Pittsburgh man was pulled over by Hudson Police on Norton Road Oct. 29 for operating a vehicle while intoxicated after several witnesses called police shortly before midnight. According to police, witnesses called police about 11:50 p.m. to report a man was allegedly intoxicated and trying to leave a Darrow Road gas station. Police pulled the man over a short time later and detected alcohol on his breath. The man was arrested and taken to the station. He provided a breath sample and had .150 percent alcohol in his blood. Ohio's legal limit is .08.


Screams near church not heavenly inspired: An Inverness Court resident called police Oct. 30 at 5:18 a.m. and reported hearing a woman screaming on Route 303 near a church. Police found an Akron couple in the area who admitted to having a domestic dispute. There was no violence involved, according to police. The couple agreed to stop fighting and were sent home. There were no charges.


Lights turn on by themselves?: An East Streetsboro Street woman called police Oct. 31 shortly before 8:15 p.m. to report that lights were on in her home. The woman left earlier in the day and did not leave the lights on. When she returned home, the lights were on. Police checked the home. There was nothing unusual found.

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